"The saga of our 1880's Georgian Farm House"

"Charming." "Decrepit." "Classic." "Burn it down!" "You've got to restore it!" "Do you know how much it will cost?" "Do you know how much it is worth?"

We've heard all this and more since we first purchased the RV Park in August 2010.  The house came along in the deal. We went back and forth in our own minds, and we got equal and opposite results from all those who weighed in on the subject.

We invite you to join us as we journey through the destruction/reconstruction of This Old House!

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2010: Hopeful and Waiting

First Question: Can we save it?

2011: Cautious and Waiting

Second Question: Should we save it?

Two of the three original bedrooms are graced with four huge windows and a fireplace.

Two of the three original bedrooms are graced with four huge windows and a fireplace.

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The original 1880's house burned and was rebuilt on the same footings in 1906.


February 2012: Considering

Step 1: Can we save it?

February 15, 2012: Inspecting

Step 2: Should we save it?

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Knocking down the chimney gave us access to the pillars, footings, and support beams under the kitchen.


The original 1906 part of the house is solid and termite free!  The roof is solid with only a few bad boards.


March 1, 2012: Hopeful and Starting

Step 3: We will save it!

March 5, 2012: Here We Go!

Step 4: Raising the wall


We ripped up the back porch and shored up the footings and foundations.  There is some termite damage, but easy to repair.

TOH 10

These new beams make the addition sturdy.



March 7, 2012: Rock Solid! 

Step 5: From bottom to top

TOH 12

This is where the bathroom was removed.  It will become a screened  porch for guests.


We hired Suggs Construction Co. to install metal roofing.


Completed! This Old House has become new again!

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Stay With Us!

Stay With Us!